Beyond Creation — Manage Your Content

You need creative content providers that work in the same computer-dominated world you run your office in. Jim Hargan can meet your needs for electronic delivery, and go well beyond them. He can manage your image data within sophisticated models, handle projects involving tens of thousands of items with databases customized to your needs, and deliver everything to you web ready in validated XHTML.

Jim's computer proficiency can add great value to the creative content you need -- Photoshop, color management and modeling, image library databasing, text management software, to name a few. Your project will speed efficiently to its end with our highly customizable software system, tailored to the needs of large photo-text projects and available nowhere else.

Here's what we can offer you:

  • Photoshop. Jim brings 20 years of Photoshop experience to your imaging needs.
  • XML & CSS. Escape the limits of kludgy office programs! With XML-compliant data, formatted with independent CSS stylesheets, you can move the content we create for you between any program, and any operating system, in existence.
  • Content Management. Our custom-written software, integrating all aspects of photo & text media, is your secret weapon in getting sophisticated content under deadline. With this approach, you can get your content authored quickly and efficiently, with disparate elements brought closely together and moved quickly and easily to whatever format you need.
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