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In 1998, Jim started packaging photography and text into single articles for British Heritage magazine. This turned into a winning combination, and the series has now extended to 73 articles.

Key to this is Jim's ability to produce both text and photography to your order, on deadline, at a very high quality. For an example of this, view Jim's photo-text package on Lady Godiva, commissioned by British Heritage and published by them in January 2001.

The game changes when you need a book-length package — and Jim has done five of them. Countryman Press, WW Norton's travel imprint, used Jim's talents to produce three titles in their Explorers Guide series: The Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains (now in its 3rd edition), The Shenandoah Valley and the Mountains of the Virginias (issued in April 2005), and North Carolina: An Explorer's Guide (issued in April 2011); each of these approaches 200,000 words and 80 images. In addition, Countryman Press has commissioned Jim to write two volumes in its Photographer's Guide series: The Photographer's Guide to The Blue Ridge Parkway (issued in 2010), and The Photographer's Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains (issued in 2011).


The City of Lady Godiva:

A Photo/Text Package

ENG: Coventry Borough, Old City, Central District, View down Cathedral Lane from Holy Trinity parish church (churchyard rt frg), to spire of old cathedral; Coventry Cross visible, ctr. [ref. to #243.137] 
ENG: Coventry Borough, Old City, Coventry Cathedral, The Very Rev. John Petty, Provost of the Cathedral, in the ruined old cathedral, in front of a statue to Reconciliation. [ref. to #243.161] 
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